Welcome to St Annes and St Peters

Welcome to St. Anne’s and St. Peter’s in Wycombe Marsh and Micklefield, part of the High Wycombe team of parishes.


Our Team Vicar Rev. Wendy Bull recently wrote:

Regathering as a church after summer holidays for many and Lighthouse for some, we have much to look forward to. Right at the end of the school term, in July, we held our first prayer day at St. Peter's (first since I have been here anyway!) It was a beautiful day, there was much prayer including some vision focussed prayer. Out of this has come the idea that we might plan and plant the small area behind St Anne's to serve as a 'quiet and secluded space in which to focus on God'

I like this thinking, as Jesus was all for taking time opn his own to seek his Father, and his is definitely a good model to follow.

This coming term will also see a temporary reshaping of the evening services at St. Peter's. The Alpha Course is planned to start on September 25th, 6pm at St. Peter's, and as we gather for that we will have some time for a song and a prayer as part of our evening together. On the first Sunday of October, November and December Holy Communion will still be celebrated, but as a short service after Alpha. I have had the joy of leading many Alpha courses over the past twenty years and even now I still find God has something new to teach me every time. If you are thinking that you are past this stage of exploring faith, please would you think of how you might help? We need prayers, cake makers(!) and those who wouldlike to assist on the the course. Alpha is a great way to learn to share your faith as well as to learn about it.

I am looking forwared to seeing what God and his people at St. Anne's and St. Peter's will do through this coming term a we worship him and he works together with us for the sake of his kingdom in Marsh and Micklefield.


Every Blessing,

Rev Wendy Bull - Team Vicar  


Our Services

Sunday 23rd October

St Anne's Church, Marsh

8.30am Holy Communion

10.00am Parish Communion

St Peter's Church, Micklefield

6.00pm "Alpha" Course 5 of 10

Why and How Should I read the Bible?


Tuesday 25th October

St Anne's Church, Marsh

9.30am A Service of Morning Prayer (40mins)

Church remains open for private prayer and contemplation

Noon A Service of Mid day Prayer


Wednesday 26th October

St Peter's Church, Micklefield

9.30am Holy Communion



Sunday 30th October


St Anne's Church, Marsh

8.30am Holy Communion

10.00am Parish Communion

St Peter's Church, Micklefield

6.00pm "Alpha" Course 6 of 10

How does God Guide us?